How to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Fall

How to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Fall

It’s been a long wonderful summer but now cool weather is just right around the corner. While it may be time to pack up the slip n’ slide and cover the pool, Fall produces some of the most pleasant weather of the entire year. You just have to rethink your outdoor space slightly to accommodate for the briskness of the season.  Here are a few ideas to get your patio or yard ready for fall.

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Have a Sunset Cocktail Party!

Summer Sunset Cocktail Partyvia

As the last few weeks of summer are flying by, most of us are trying to soak up as much warm sun as possible before the cold hits. This time of the year, late afternoon and early evening are some of the best times to enjoy the outdoors. The sun combined with a cooler breeze makes for a welcomed and comfy reprieve after such a hot season. Before the bonfire and pumpkin carving parties begin, why not invite your friends over for a sunset cocktail party? Here are a few finds and ideas that will work perfectly for a sunset themed soiree.

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Late Summer Party

late summer partyvia
Fall is almost upon us but there are just enough warm days remaining to throw one last summer soiree. Although sometimes overlooked, late summer is actually a great time of year to host an event. The days are still long and sunny, but the fall air is creeping in making being outdoors much more pleasant. Here are a few ideas to use when hosting an outdoor Late Summer Party.

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Surfing Trends for the Modern Surfer

Surfing Trends for the Modern Surfervia

Surfing has undergone a transformation from being a cult passion to a new age adventure activity for all. Whether a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, there are some new products and surfing trends that will appeal to all. Here are a few of our favourites:

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How to Style Your Front Entryway

How to Style Your Front Entryway

The front entryway truly sets the tone and expectation for the design of your home. Even those who will never cross the threshold can get a glimpse into your personal style. Whether you have a sprawling covered porch or a simple stoop, here are some great inspiration pics that are definitely Pinterest worthy…

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How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party

flamingo pool party

Pool parties are some of the most casual and versatile parties you can throw. They are fun for all ages and when the sun is at its hottest, this can be the best way to entertain outdoors. Here are 5 tips to throwing the perfect pool party bash.

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Global Water Footprint

global water footprint


After an incredibly dry Vancouver July with many a forest fire and seriously imposed ‘water bans’ we are very aware that there are water shortage problems; apparently this is shocking for non-Canadians to learn especially with all our precious water reserves, but it does happen. So we were keen to learn about our Global Water Footprint, maybe you are too?

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